Cyn Terese

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What's in a Name?

As founder of  Cyn Terese Fine Art and Cyn Terese - Southern Treasures, I am truly blessed to have a full and healthy life - dedicated to creating visual interpretations of the beauty I see in the simplest of things around me. I feel incredibly fortunate to share with you my love for timeless beauty that can be found in ancient architecture - be it Castle ruins, or a "Maison de Maitre" in France in much need of repair, or in the simple construction of a most perfect bloom I happen to find in my garden. I am all about creating a piece of artwork that captures a moment in time and sharing that special moment with you, the Cyn Terese customer.  

In addition to my creative interests, I love to travel and discover new friendships. I also love to take what some might say are worthless ruins and bring new life to them by making every wall, every floor, every ceiling my canvas.  

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